Find an Applicant Suited to Your Company’s Employment Needs


Client Questionnaire/Search Requirements

Contract Staffing Services

Search Types

Contingency Searches
– Commission based fee based on a percentage of compensation or a fixed flat fee.

Retained Searches
– For higher level or more difficult positions where a dedicated full-time search is required for better and faster results.

Permanent Placement
(W-2), Contract Staffing (1099) & 1099 to W-2 Conversions

Contract Staffing
– Provides you with full-service back-office including all legal, Financial and Administrative tasks and duties.
We can handle everything from position conception to employment commencement. our customer service, combined with our large database of candidates and clients require. In addition, all placements come with a candidate replacement guarantee. Some value Added Services that we can offer include:
– Drafting Job Descriptions
– Obtaining References
– Administering On-Line Pre-Employment Testing
– Employment Offers & Contracts
– Background Checks